Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Celtic Mythology Course

I've decided on teaching a course on 'Celtic Myth and Ritual' this coming winter (from October 11th) - it's a course I taught about 6 years ago but my ideas have changed a lot since then - it'll be covering many different aspects of the subject, with an emphasis on the literature and the archaeological evidence for pagan 'Celtic' religion.

The course will be at the University of Kent campus in Canterbury (Cornwallis NW seminar room 2) on Thursdays 7-9pm. It'll be £180 for the 20 weeks.

Please email me if you're interested (grigsby_john@hotmail.com)
Here's a summary:

A twenty week course examining the myths and religion of the Pagan Celts through their literature and archaeology

1. Who were the Celts? The Celtic calendar
2. The Gods of the Celts (Myth: The Second Battle of Moytura)
3. Were the Celts descendants of the earlier Neolithic and Bronze Age cultures? (Myth: The Wooing of Etain)
4. Sanctuaries and Severed Heads – evidence of holy sites and the cult of the severed head (Myth: The Destruction of Da Derga’s Hostel)
5. Druids and Champions of the Red Branch: (Myths: The Intoxication of the Ulaid; MacDatho's Pig.)
6. Celtic warrior society (Myths: The boyhood deeds of CuChulainn. The wooing of Emer. The Death of Aoife’s son)
7. The cattle raid of Cooley – the Irish iliad part one (Myths: The Tale of Deirdriu/The Curse of Macha, Intro: Medbh of Connacht)
8. The Cattle Raid of Cooley part two (Myths: Tain Bo Cualigne/Tain Bo Froech)
9. The Beheading Game – Lindow man and human sacrifice. (Myths: Bricriu’s feast. Aided CuRoi. Sickbed of/Death of CuChulainn).
10. Magic and Shamanism: The Salmon of Wisdom and the Irish Adonis. (Myths: The Fenian Cycle of Fionn and Oisin)
11. An Introduction to Welsh Tradition and language.
12.Sacred animals in Celtic life and myth: The Horse Goddess and the King of the Dead: (Myth: The First Branch - Pwyll Pendefig Dyfed)
13. celtic kingship: The Singing Head and the Wounded Thigh (Myth: The Second Branch – Branwen Ferch Llyr)
14. Evidence for a celtic mystery religion: The Golden bowl (Myth: The Third Branch - Manawyddan fab Llyr)
15. Poetry and enchantment: The Enchantments of Gwynedd (Myth: The Fourth Branch – Math ap Mathonwy)
16. The Celtic origin of the Grail: Cauldron of Pen Annwn (Myths: ‘How Culhwch won Olwen’ ;‘The Spoils of the Abyss’/Peredur ap Efrawg)
17. The Quest for Merlin - The Madman of DinasEmrys: (Myths: Vita Merlini/Poetry of Myrddin/Lailoken/Lludd and Llefelys)
18. The Once and Future King – Arthurian legend as the last swan-song of the Celtic gods: (Myths: Owein/The Dream of Rhonabwy/Gereint)
19. The Battle for Britain: Celtic heroes and poets of the Dark Ages (Y Gododdin/the poems of Taliesin)
20. The Radiant Brow: - Taliesin - (Myth: Hanes Taliesin/CanuTaliesin/Cad Goddeu) The Celtic renaissance?

students get a 25% discount

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